Rightly On


Rightly On: Aff the Cuff


Rightly On are pleased to announce the release of their Debut CD -
Rightly On: Aff the Cuff.

Track List:

1. Banjo Breakdown
2. Atholl Highlanders
3. The Referendum Hornpipe
4. Rowan Tree, Scotland the Brave
5. Blooming Heather
6. Farewall to Uist, The Lochaber Badger
7. Tripping up the Stairs, The old hag at the Kiln
8. Itchy Fingers, Hamilton's Nutsack
9. Trad Medley: Galway Girl, I'll Tell Me Ma
10. Jonny's Capo, Wee Green Bag, Elizabeth's Dance
11. The High Drive, Crossing the Minch
12. Swinging Safari, Long Island Jig
13. Caledonia
14. Busindre Reel, Richard Dwyers
15. The Pumpkin's Fancy, Clumsy Lover

Cost: £10.00 (Plus P&P)

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